Sharron Miles Gilty, Creator/Lead Designer

My BowCHIC Boutique is a line of handmade neck designs and accessories.  
We create beautifully constructed one of a kind designs. Our line consists of mainly neck designs featuring and or enhanced with our famous bow or bowtie. Although our brand is recognized by our bows we design any garment that creatively adorns the neckline. 
I have always loved the 19th century fashion where women and men wore neck designs. In today's world of fashion my favorite high end designers such as Gucci and Prada always inspire my designs. They seem to adorn
their models (men or women) with neck fashion on their runways regardless of the season. Their beautiful neck designs never seems to surprise me.
My design aesthetic allows me to create for a larger clientele base from those who prefer to adorn their neckline with the smallest choker to those who truly love to "stand out" with our larger bold avant-garde designs. Whatever your choice of neck design I truly believe that my creativity can capture your desires.

Our designs are mostly made from original fabric. However, some designs are creatively repurposed from other other garments made from cotton to denim, leather and any other fabric that we feel will give our creative designs
a fashion forward look. We specifically design for women but many of our designs can be worn by any gender.

My Bowchic Boutique  

"Its not just another bow its a lifestyle."

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